Beer advent calendar – VHS Style – Nov 30 7:30pm

Last year a few us did a Beer advent calendar at VHS. It was awesome! This year we have worked out a few bugs and I think its ready for the entire membership. Anyone that wants to joins us can.

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Nov 29, 7:30pm Sunday

People that are over 18th and like beer.
Non-VHSers or Ex-VHSers can joins us, but you should be at least a friend of the space or a friend of someone there.


  • Step 1: Announce that you want to participate by replying to this thread with “I want to participate”¬†
  • Step 2: Purchase ~30 craft or specialty beers. Expect to pay between $6 and $7 per beer. ~$210 + tax. See below for more instructions. Don’t drink these beers yet!
  • Step 3: Show up at VHS on Nov 30 (Sunday) 2pm with all your beers + $10 for materials (tube, cardboard, wrapping paper)
  • Step 4: Place everyones beers on the table, Take a picture ! Instagram that shit!
  • Step 5: Each person goes up and picks two beers to be added to their Beer advent calendar. Repeat until everyone has 25 beers.
  • Step 6: Make Advent calendar (See below) While drinking the extra 5 beers that everyone brought.

Total is should cost around ~$220 depending on what beers you buy.

What kind of beers should I buy?

You should buy beer that fits in a packing tubes with approximately 3 inches diameter and 10 inches tall. Average beer can is typically 4.5″ high x 2.4″ diameter. Average beer bottle is 9.039 inches tall x 2.4″ diameter. Either way it should fit in the packing tube.

  • You should buy strange and exotic beers that most people have not tried before.
  • You should buy beer. No crab juice, or mountain dew !
  • You should buy good beer, No crab juice, or mountain dew !!
  • You should buy beer that is alcoholic, No crab juice, or mountain dew !!!
  • You should buy beer that you would like to try yourself.
  • Bottles or cans are okay as long as they fit in the tube.

You should not buy

  • No crab juice, or mountain dew !!!
  • No Canadian or Molsan, Budweisers, Bud light, Coors light, Blue, Keiths, Heineken, Corona, Stella Artois, Dos Equis, Sam Adams
  • No Guinness, I am sorry, its a good beer but its not exotic,
  • No snakes in a can. it been done, its not funny because after you are done laughing, you realise that you don’t have a beer today.

How to make a Beer advent calendar


[Q] What is the extra $10 for ?
[A] The packing tube, the cardboard box that the tubes get put in to, the wrapping paper. If you have a suggestion on where to get it cheaper I would love to know about it.

[Q] I spent more on my beers then he did, but he got more beers than I did, its not fair!
[A] We are adults, you should be able to figure this out. Don’t spend more than ~$7 on a beer.

[Q] This is expensive!
[A] Thats not a question, but if its too expensive then you probably shouldn’t be participating

[Q] Its cheaper if I buy it from the store myself
[A] Then do that.

[Q] I don’t like beer can we do this with XXXXX instead?
[A] Not instead, but yes. I would love to see other advent XXXX as well. If you do a whisky one I would be in for that too. A devboard advent calendar ?

[Q] What do you have against crab juice?

[Q] Why are you running this on a sunday?
[A] Last day before december !

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